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Интересный ответ от Графисофт
« : Августа 29, 2007, 19:27:56 »


Привожу оригинал переписки с грамотными людьми.
Если кому потребуется перевод - пишите. Переведу, хотя все и так понятно

Переписку привожу в исходном виде, не разбиваю на посты.


Dear Mr. Lyakhov,

Mr. Pfemeter forwarded me your idea.  You have a very impressive concept.   We currently do not allow SQL commands within GDL scripts.   As you most likely are aware we do have a ODBC driver that allows for SQL queries, but this is different and your idea would be conceptually much more elegant.

I have brought your idea up to our designers and will place it in our database that concerns new directions.

Thank you,

Ed Brown
Graphisoft Technical Support

-----Original Message-----
From: Lyakhov Alexander [mailto:lakk@yandex.ru]
Sent: Monday, August 27, 2007 5:38 PM
To: Pfemeter, Akos
Subject: Re: Akos

Dear Mr. Pfemeter

Wount You be so kind to answer the question that i was mistaken asking Mr. Nicholson-Cole.
The subject is below if You please

Using a case i want to widen my question:
Does GS plans to combine SQL statements with GDL scripts in future versions of AC. I do suppose this combination will allow the ordinary user refuse the difficult development of special scripts, especially if the SQL statement will have the syntax sentence "to" and "into" to save the result of a query into array or an outer table. Thanks a lot for Your attention

Alex K. Lyakhov

Below You can see my question and the answer of Mr. Nicholson-Cole


"Is there any chance to combine SQL statements with GDL scripts?". I dont think so. you are an architect, but you seem to have a developed knowledge of computer languages, beyond most architects. i never went into GDL enough to explore that idea.

Have you been trying to talk directly with Graphisoft? Akos Pfemeter might be a starting place to put you in touch with the person who can help.

On 8/27/07, Lyakhov Alexander wrote:
Hope that Your site will be also available in Russian, not only in announced european languages.

Seizing an opportunity want to ask You a question and consider myself not to be the first with it.

The Russian users of AC cant get the reports corresponding to our norms from AC database of current project: the way of understanding of structure of database and programming of reports is difficult enough for non-programmers.
Once i tryed to get a report corresponding to our norms using only build-in features of AC: SQL build-in and GDL script. It takes me 4 days to understand how to do it commonly and to create the workable script. The idea was to get status parameters of similar objects (here - zones)with SQL and create a table in any readable form for further processing with GDL. I think You are not interested in analyzing of my .xml and GDL - files, but the sheaf of these files allowed me to achieve the result without of using the standard AC functions.

So the question is:
Is there any chance to combine SQL statements with GDL scripts?

Alex K. Lyakhov,
Perm, Russia

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